First secure end-to-end mobile WiMAX TV service

NDS announced that it has partnered with MobiTV to demonstrate the first-ever secure delivery of Mobile WiMAX TV to Ultra Mobile PCs. The integration of NDS VideoGuard with the MobiTV service enables Mobile WiMAX operators to offer premium mobile television over a two-way IEEE 802.16e network while maintaining content rights and protecting service revenues. The new technology will be demonstrated at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show.

The solution integrates the NDS VideoGuard DRM and Conditional Access Server with MobiTV’s backend system to support the encryption of content and management of subscribers. On the client side, the two companies have integrated the NDS VideoGuard DRM and CA client into MobiTV’s mobile TV client which runs on an Ultra Mobile PC. An Ultra Mobile PC is a new category of mobile devices optimized for specific usage such as Internet-to-go, Entertainment-to-go, and Education-to-go, while providing full PC capability and versatility.

The MobiTV client connects to the video sent over the WiMAX network and displays it only after verifying subscriber rights for the service. This type of integration enables operators to protect the revenues generated from the MobiTV service, ensuring that only paying subscribers can gain access to the available channels.

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