Utimaco to participate in US Government full-disk encryption evaluation

Utimaco announced its participation in the United States Government’s review of full-disk encryptions solutions. The review of solutions providers was sparked by the June 23, 2006 mandate from the Executive Office of the President requiring the full encryption of data on all government mobile computers and devices.

“The U.S. government is aided by the speed, efficiency and flexibility of mobile computing, however, the sensitive nature of the data housed on government mobile computers and devices requires the highest level of security and encryption,” stated Craig F. Bumpus, General Manager, Utimaco Americas. “The recent Presidential mandate and resulting full-disk encryption evaluation are significant steps toward locking down our nation’s classified data. We welcome the opportunity to participate in this sweeping technology review and look forward to assisting the Government with this important security initiative.”

Partnering with Utimaco in the response to the Government’s request for proposals is Onix Networking, a leading provider of IT solutions and services.

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