Affordable DoS/DDoS mitigation for service providers

IntruGuard Devices announced affordable hardware based high performance In-line Network Behavior Analysis systems for Service Providers and Enterprise Data Centers.

With IntruGuard’s IG200/IG2000 systems at the gateway, floods are selectively dropped and legitimate traffic flows uninterrupted. NBA based In-line DDoS Mitigation systems are vital in network security infrastructure of any provider or data center network, ensuring smooth network operation, full legitimate use of bandwidth and improving network utilization.

Service Providers can use these appliances to control individual subscriber bandwidth by deploying them just after the subscriber access equipment. By monitoring up to a million subscribers at a time, the appliances ensures no single subscriber launches DDoS attacks or be attacked.

IG200, Network Behavior Analysis system supports 100 Mbps full duplex line-rate with price starting at $6,995.

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