Fix your Windows spam situation with Spam Shield 4.0

PCSecurityShield announces the release of Spam Shield 4.0 anti-spam product for Outlook and Outlook Express that stops spam in its tracks — and takes the fear out of e-mail.

In its latest release, Spam Shield 4.0 is the direct result of intensive research, testing, and discussion by the PCSecurityShield team with computer users everywhere, in order to improve, define and evolve the software’s definition of what constitutes spam. Thanks to this research and communication, the latest release of Spam Shield 4.0 brings more direct firepower against potential spammers than ever before. The software’s easy customization, seamless integration with most e-mail clients, and quick results mean that users across the globe can finally start to enjoy getting e-mail again.

Spam Shield 4.0’s Product Features:

* Approval-based e-mail management.
* Easy installation — Installation wizards make setup and program management a snap.
* Permission management.
* Supports multiple POP accounts owned by a single user.
* Easy setup — allows “approved” listing to be generated from Address Book of Outlook Express (and Outlook 98, 2000, 2002).
* Safe previewing of messages without information being sent back to spammers
* Checks Spam Block List

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