Ungo Pro Security introduces The SR9000 two-way

Clarion announced the Ungo Pro Security SR9000, the ultimate two-way security system with remote start system. Featuring Ungo’s most advanced remote start and theft prevention technology, the SR9000 utilizes Secure Digital Communication, a type of spread spectrum technology that operates at 900 MHz to provide increased efficiency and minimal interference to assure users that the signal will go through.

Remote start products enable users to start their vehicles by remote control, allowing them to warm up or cool down. Products such as the SR9000 appeal especially to users who live in cold or extreme hot climate regions, offering convenience and security options in one package. The SR9000’s advanced LCD remote displays simple icons, making it user-friendly and easy to understand. It provides users with a six-channel remote start, security, keyless entry system with four auxiliary outputs so additional convenience features such as remote window control and trunk release can be added. In addition, the Ungo SR9000 incorporates a Miniature XCRS Relay Satellite and built-in diesel timer.

The SR9000 utilizes Ungo Pro Security’s advanced security features, including parking light flash, dedicated horn honk and dome light supervision.

Ungo’s Pro Security SR9000 will be available in March 2007 with a manufacturers suggested retail price of $479. For more information, call 1-800-GO-CLARION or visit http://www.Clarion.com.

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