Digital Resolve announces record online fraud and identify theft solution deployments in December 2006

Digital Resolve reported in the month of December 2006 more than 100 new financial institutions are now safeguarding their online banking customers with the strong, yet seamless protection offered by the company’s Fraud Analyst risk-based authentication solution, which has been protecting online users against fraud and identity theft since 2003.

Driven by a year-end deadline to expedite deployments of risk-based authentication solutions and seeking to work with technology vendors with exceptional customer service as well as easy-to-deploy solutions, banks, credits unions and technology partners are relying on Digital Resolve’s Fraud Analyst solution to reduce online fraud by as much as 90 percent. In addition to the success of its risk-based authentication platform among financial institutions, Digital Resolve is helping as a data provider to Microsoft’s Phishing Filter service for Windows Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Live Toolbar to help protect online users from phishing attacks, as announced in September 2006.

“The spike in deployments we saw at the end of last year was driven by high demand for risk-based authentication solutions that deliver not only speed and ease of implementation, but also seamless and non-invasive methods of security for customers,” said Dennis Maicon, Executive Vice President of Financial Services Solutions, Digital Resolve. “Our demonstrated success in the market is an accumulation of years of focus on how to best protect online user accounts. And, through its family of online fraud and identity theft solutions, Digital Resolve is proving it has the breadth and depth of solutions to quickly meet the demands of many types of organizations requiring strong protection for online accounts.”

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