New version of MindTerm, popular Java-based SSH client released

AppGate announced the launch of an upgrade to its highly popular Java-based SSH, secure remote access client, MindTerm. MindTerm is the most commercially used Java-based SSH client in the world. MindTerm is used by some of the world’s leading manufacturers of communication equipment, integrating it into their  products to provide secure encrypted communication. It is also available in a freeware version for non-commercial use.
The new version 3.1 includes many new and improved features:
* New virtual keyboard: It is now possible to define a virtual keyboard in the configuration file. The virtual keys can each generate any number of characters.
* Print screen to printer: It is now possible to print a snapshot of the current screen, or the entire scrollback buffer, to a printer.
* The ability to remap keys : It is now possible to remap any of the keyboard keys to produce any string.
* ‘Resizable’ terminal window option: With this option the administrator can control whether the user can resize the terminal window or not.
* Support for host-based authentication: MindTerm can now use host-base public key authentication.
* PuTTY key files: MindTerm can now read the keyfiles used by PuTTY.
* More examples: There are more examples showing how to use the various APIs.

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