Season two of hacking podcast series “Secure the Core”

Arbor Networks announced the availability of Season Two of its successful “Secure the Core” podcast series. Season two is a 12-episode podcast series that provides a window into the darker side of network security where white hats are sometimes forced to turn a shade of grey. Season One of Arbor’s “Secure the Core” dramatic podcast series premiered in April of 2006.

This second season of “Secure the Core” follows Will Jobbins and his younger brother Tim as they travel through the world of illegal hacking to clear their names of a cybercrime they did not commit. The brothers are members of the Grey Hat Society, a hyper-secret organization on the campus of a prestigious university, which recruits the best technical minds and grooms them to become security team members at Global Bank, one of the largest financial institutions in the world. When Global Bank’s network is hacked and all evidence points toward the Jobbins brothers, Will and Tim are forced underground to investigate the malicious black hat community in order to clear their names and catch the hacker who is truly responsible for the breach at Global Bank.

Each dramatic episode in Season Two is followed by a technical episode featuring commentary from Arbor Networks’ security experts including Jon Arnold, product manager; Sunil James, product manager of Arbor’s Security Engineering and Response Team (ASERT); and Danny McPherson, chief research officer. These spokespersons explore topics such as vulnerability research, rootkits and honeypots. To complement the podcast content, additional information and technical reading materials will be available to download on a weekly basis.

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