WhiteHat Security announces new risk-free trade-up program

WhiteHat Security is inviting interested parties to trade in their legacy website scanning product(s) (up to three seats or web applications per customer) and receive a $10,000 credit (per application on a website, up to $30,000) towards the first year’s subscription to the WhiteHat Sentinel Service.

What is the WhiteHat Sentinel Service?

” It is the only website vulnerability management service incorporating expert analysis and industry-leading technology to provide unparalleled coverage.

” Full assessments can be conducted each and every time your websites are updated; and, you have 24/7 access to your results via a custom web interface.
” WhiteHat Sentinel tests for twice the number of “issues” that can be identified by scanning alone – it provides the most comprehensive coverage because it looks for all 24 classes of website vulnerabilities.

” No time is wasted chasing after false positives — all vulnerabilities are verified and assigned an appropriate severity/threat rating by our security engineers – so, you can best prioritize remediation.

” Finally, it’s easy to implement and manage: The service can be up-and-running in just a few hours.

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