Anti-spam technology of the year

IronPort’s C-Series appliance was recognized with InfoWorld’s 2007 Technology of the Year Award, ranking IronPort at the top of its class. The IronPort solution was noted for its easy set up, superior performance and high accuracy — all with zero tuning required.

“This award, as well as the nine other major awards we’ve won in the last twelve months, affirms IronPort’s unparalleled ability to thoroughly and accurately shield our customers from unwanted email,” said Tom Gillis, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at IronPort Systems. “Major companies and industry experts such as InfoWorld are choosing IronPort Anti-Spam because we stop more spam, and stop it more accurately, than competing solutions. This is especially true for emerging threats such as image spam. Many vendors are still having a difficult time reacting to this new technique. IronPort has been blocking an industry-best 99 percent of image spam since it became a major problem over a year ago.”

InfoWorld praised IronPort’s anti-spam technology for its “easy set up” and “excellent spam filtering” with “no tuning necessary.” For customers concerned about accuracy, InfoWorld also noted that IronPort Anti-Spam registered “the fewest false positives of any solution tested.”

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