ABI Research ranks Trapeze #1 in WLAN security

Trapeze Networks announced that ABI Research, a leading provider of technology market analysis and research, ranked Trapeze Networks as the leader in wireless local area network security. Following a rigorous evaluation of the top 11 WLAN vendors globally, ABI Research determined that Trapeze delivers the strongest WLAN security offering on the market. The results were released in ABI Research’s December 2006 “WLAN Security Vendor Rankings Matrix,” and were accompanied by a comprehensive report entitled, “Who Leads in WLAN Security?”

Taking into account both innovation and implementation, ABI Research evaluated each vendor on 11 major criteria: Authentication, Endpoint Security, Management, Site Planning, Vision, Availability & Resiliency, Partnerships, Certifications, Intrusion Detection, Product Integration, and Pricing. Trapeze achieved the highest overall score.

“Security is the number one concern for enterprises deploying wireless networks, and Trapeze has made security of our WLAN technology a top priority since our inception,” said Doug Laird, vice president of marketing, Trapeze Networks. “The ABI Research findings are further confirmation that our multi- tiered security model sets the industry standard for WLAN security.”

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