Info on SCVMan.B and Killav.FG trojans, Radoppan virus family

SCVMan.B is a backdoor Trojan that terminates several processes, including some belonging to certain security tools. It also collects information about the infected computer, such as its IP address and operating system. SCVMan,B also opens a port on the computer to give hackers remote control of the system. It then sends all the information gathered and the name of the open port to a web page. This malicious code also connects to a certain website in order to update itself. SCVMan.B reaches users’ computers in emails or through the Internet, although it requires user intervention in order to spread.

Killav.FG is a Trojan that terminates several processes, including those of several security tools in order to hinder detection. It also connects to a server to allow remote unauthorized access and control over the infected computer. This could give hackers access to confidential information without users realizing. This Trojan can reach computers via email or Internet downloads.

This month, a new variant of the Radoppan family of viruses has appeared. Radoppan.T is a virus that infects executable files and HTML files on the compromised computer. It also creates copies of itself on system drives and runs every time they are accessed by users. It also spreads across local networks, infecting all connected computers. This virus is easily recognized as it changes the icons of the infected programs for an image of a panda burning incense sticks.


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