Check Point VPN-1 POWER VSX NGX reduces costs by virtualizing network security

Check Point announced an upgrade to Check Point VPN-1 Power VSX NGX, the virtual version of Check Point VPN-1 Power — the world’s premier integrated firewall, VPN, and intrusion prevention gateway.

Check Point VPN-1 Power VSX is a virtualized security gateway that allows managed service providers (MSSPs), including application and telecom service providers, as well as enterprises with virtualized networks to create up to 250 virtual security systems — including firewall, VPN and intrusion prevention — on a single hardware platform.

Product updates include advanced clustering that efficiently distributes virtual systems among cluster members, enabling linear growth in performance, real-time monitoring of traffic-load distribution and reduced synchronization traffic. By virtualizing network security with the enhanced VPN-1 Power VSX Check Point, customers can reduce capital investments in hardware and save on overall operational costs associated with hardware acquisition and maintenance.

“Enterprises want to continue to grow their network without incurring large equipment and real estate costs,” said Rich Weiss, director of product marketing at Check Point Software Technologies. “Leveraging virtualization to address this problem, the new VPN-1 Power VSX will reduce ongoing capital investment, limit the physical space needed for security hardware, and improve the manageability of network security, policy development and enforcement.”

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