Pointsec releases with Pointsec Device Protector

Pointsec Mobile Technologies released the Pointsec Device Protector solution which extends its enter­prise data protection to include complete port and storage device management, effectively preventing sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. Available immediately, Point­sec Device Protector is the only product available which addresses internal threats through the powerful combination of port management, content filtering and optional media encryption.
USBs, along with other plug and play removable media devices, can connect directly into work­stations and function without IT authorization or knowledge. The current breed of these thumb-size devices can hold up to 8 gigabytes of data, giving an attacker the ability to easily import unauthorized data, unlicensed software, malicious code, games, screensavers and other inappropriate material. More importantly, these devices increase the risk of theft of intellectual property and proprietary information. 
Pointsec Device Protector combines port and storage device management from Reflex Magnetics’ DiskNet Pro solution with media encryption to protect both removable storage media and e-mail in transit by providing automatic real-time encryption. With Pointsec Device Protector, Pointsec’s custom­ers will now be able to control their employees’ use of personal removable media devices such as USB drives, Bluetooth smartphones, digital cameras and music players, that have wired or wire­less connections to their work PCs. The product effectively prevents or limits data transfers to these devices through a configurable security policy and content filtering to ensure that corporate IT infrastructure cannot be used for illegal distribution of copyrighted content or installation of malicious software.

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