Smart Restart, security solution for home users

Centurion Technologies released Smart Restart, a new security software solution designed specifically to protect home computers.

Smart Restart will give the user a clean, pristine computer every time they reboot. While other security companies are devising new methods to restrict, alert, or even sometimes provide a false risk report steering users away from a site, Smart Restart allows the user total freedom to surf without concern of lurking malware.

Smart Restart accomplishes this level of ultra security by protecting the computer’s critical system settings while at the same time permitting full functionality of the user’s personal workstation. This new software protects the computer from spyware, adware, viruses, and any unwanted changes resulting from either malicious or accidental errors. When protection is turned on, any changes made to the system’s hard drive configuration are wiped clean by simply rebooting the computer. When the computer is rebooted, it is restored to its original configuration.

Smart Restart features a unique three – zoned design that manages and protects the computer. The Protected Zone allows the user to install software permanently and keep important non-active files. The Keep Zone allows the user to install trial software safely, and keep active working files, or files that may change. The Temporary Zone acts as a dumping ground for all other files, both known and unknown, and will be erased when you restart your computer.

Smart Restart enables parents to prevent children and other users from making unwanted changes or downloading unwanted files to a personal or family computer. Any unsupervised changes or downloads made by another user will be erased when the computer is restarted.
Smart Restart retails for $59.88, and is available through Global and Navarre Distribution partners, & and other retail outlets near you.

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