XIRING’s latest connected smart card reader receives Windows Vista certification

XIRING announced that its “Teo by XIRING’ smart card reader is certified Microsoft Windows Vista, just days before the new operating system is released to the public .
Teo By XIRING is a PC connected smart card reader compliant with the most advanced technical requirements (PC/SC, CCID, USB, EMV2000) and provides high added value with a “plug’n’play” reader with three positions of use. This reader has been designed according to the strongest environment-friendly standards (no screws, easy recycling, recycled cardboard packaging).
More than just a PC connected smart card reader, Teo By XIRING is an innovative procurement solution built around a dedicated e-commerce platform. On this website, the user will find a detailed presentation of the product but also the procurement process defined in two steps: A trial kit, for evaluation and validation purposes, and 20-units packs. The user creates an account and follows a simple purchase process.

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