Complimentary application hacking 101 workshops across North America

Watchfire announced a series of complimentary and interactive “Hacking 101″ security workshops. Co-hosted with Denim Group, FishNet Security, INS and MTS Allstream, these interactive workshops will be held in seventeen cities across the United States and Canada.

Few argue that web applications present significant threat of attacks for organizations, but for security professionals, they also present a significant challenge to manage. To stay ahead of the latest hackers’ techniques and protect sensitive data, security teams need to understand how vulnerabilities in applications are first exposed and then exploited by cyber-criminals.
Watchfire has brought together leading security channel partners Denim Group, FishNet Security, INS and MTS Allstream to co-host and provide attendees with first-hand insight into how hackers exploit the web application layer, and explore specific attacks including cross-site scripting and SQL injection. These hands-on workshops will focus on key issues relevant to security professionals:

” The importance of web application security—today’s most significant online threat
” The most common web application attacks—Cross Site Scripting and SQL injection—how they occur, and what can be done to prevent them
” Manual versus automated approaches for scanning and identifying web application vulnerabilities
” Best practices for fixing vulnerabilities once they have been identified
” Understanding how AppScan 7.0 can help organizations automate more of the security scanning and related activities they are doing manually today

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