Remote Play’s TagAlert helps secure and track laptops

Remote Play launched the TagAlert wireless portable asset security product line that enables all organizations with a mobile workforce to avoid laptop loss or theft. TagAlert employs an unparalleled, new RF wireless technology performance feature set over short distances and up to 150 feet to help keep track of laptops. TagAlert technology also includes an innovative use of Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) ultra-low power MSP430 microcontrollers (MCU), which provide control processing to help keep the tag small and lightweight while allowing the tiny tags to operate for up to six months 24/7 without a change of batteries.

Today’s proliferation of laptops has intensified the age-old tendency for people to expose confidential information. The new TagAlert promises to dramatically reduce the kind of data loss that has resulted in more than 100 million security breach incidents since 2005, at a cost of billions of dollars and incalculable damage to customer/client relations (Wired Magazine February 2007).

“Reliance on portable technology for communication is becoming dominant in all corporations and professions,” said Ari Naim, president and CEO of Remote Play. “Laptop loss and theft is the single biggest source of data security breaches in the world today.”

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