Webwasher 6.5 Integrated web gateway security appliance released

Secure Computing announced Webwasher 6.5, the industry’s first and only reputation-based Web gateway security solution. Webwasher 6.5 delivers reputation-based URL filtering for corporate users surfing the Web, and provides bi-directional protection for enterprise networks to stop inbound threats such as spyware, phishing or other malware, and prevent outbound threats related to sensitive data leaks.

Webwasher Version 6.5 includes:
— Reputation-based URL security: The fast growing threat to enterprises is caused by legitimate Websites in proper categories that are infected with malware. Traditional URL filtering solutions stop users from visiting certain categories that cause liability, loss of productivity or bandwidth, but do very little to protect against compromised legitimate Websites. Secure Computing has defined a new standard in URL filtering with its integration of the TrustedSource reputation technology with each of the millions of URLs in its award-winning SmartFilter database.
— Real-time anti-malware protection: In addition to checking the reputation for outbound Websites, Webwasher 6.5 checks the active content such as ActiveX, Windows executables, Scripts and Java as a Web page is returned to make sure that it does not contain any malicious code. This is done by using a number of techniques including analysis of the behavior. The local behavior analysis is combined with the global intelligence from TrustedSource to determine whether the page should be downloaded or blocked.
— Multiple support options for various proxy deployment scenarios: Webwasher 6.5’s enhanced Web Cache Communications protocol (WCCP) and transparent proxy support provide plug-and-play installation that does not require any significant changes to the network, browser configuration or streaming media support.
— New methods for stopping data leaks: Webwasher 6.5 is now integrated with Secure Computing’s IronNet(TM) content monitoring and filtering solution to inspect all outbound content to ensure that sensitive information is not leaving the organization.
— Ease of management and administration: Webwasher 6.5’s Security Dashboard delivers real-time threat monitoring and reporting. The dashboard provides an at-a-glance summary of the current operating environment and snapshots of each functional area such as anti-malware, URL filtering and SSL scanning.

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