XML security forevery network device

QuickTree announced the latest release of XSM (XML Security Module). The latest version of XSM continues to reflect QuickTree’s unique approach to the XML security marketplace by offering low-cost, embeddable XML security for any network device. Designed exclusively for OEMs, XSM hides the complexities of XML Security and allows vendors to quickly integrate this advanced solution via a source code-based software development kit to enable:
— An integrated XML Firewall solution for the OEM’s customers
— Access to the Web Services and Web 2.0 security market
— Competitive differentiation and value added

Some of the new features of the XSM release include:
— A custom secure parsing engine for XML Denial of Service
— Fine-grained Schema and WSDL validation
— XPath-based deep parameter inspection
— A streaming API so XML content is processed as fast as it arrives

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