RSA 2007: Route1 unveils new MobiNET Aggregation Gateway

Route1 today announced the MobiNET Aggregation Gateway (MAG). MAG is a sophisticated appliance-based solution that provides enterprises subscribing to Route1 MobiNET-enabled services, such as remote access, with greater manageability of data traffic that flows across the network.

MAG provides a number of key features, including:

– Audit Functions: Enables administrators to audit individuals or multiple groups of users to maintain compliance with regulations such as SOX, HIPAA, PIPEDA and others.

– Reporting: Comprehensive reporting functions make it easy for network administrators to determine traffic trends, usage peaks and patterns to facilitate informed decision-making around capacity planning, business continuity planning and disaster recovery projects.

– Load Balancing and Failover: These configurations ensure uptime and reliability at all times, including during scheduled maintenance and when increased usage is necessitated at times of social distancing such as a pandemics or inclement weather.

When a MAG is installed in the DMZ (demilitarized zone) or edge of the network, all data communications are sent directly to the MAG and then aggregated and synchronized with MobiNET through an encrypted Transport Layer Security (TLS) tunnel. When a MobiKEY is used to access digital resources, the data session is run directly through the MAG, providing network administrators with greater manageability across their network infrastructure. Initial authentication and authorization is facilitated through the MobiNET and managed PKI, with MAG providing another layer of security controls for additional data communications.

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