RSA 2007: RSA Conference 2007 Awards

RSA Conference is honored to announce the winners of the 2007 RSA Conference Awards, individuals who demonstrate excellence in the field of information security and cryptography.

Excellence in the Field of Mathematics

Jacques Stern, Professeur d’informatique, Directeur du Département d’Informatique, école Normale Supérieure

Mr. Stern is awarded for his outstanding research in the field of cryptology and for creating the French school of cryptologic research around his laboratory at ENS (Ecole Normale Supérieure). His work covers the whole field of cryptology, from theory to practice. He has already been nominated as a fellow of the International Association for Cryptologic Research 2005 and just received the gold medal from CNRS, which is the highest national distinction that can be awarded to a French researcher for scientific accomplishments.

Excellence in the Field of Security Practices

Jeffrey Bardin, Chief Information Security Officer, Investors Bank & Trust

Mr. Bardin is recognized for his development of an enterprise information risk management program while at Hanover Insurance Group. He leveraged limited funds and staff to create a unique and holistic approach to security awareness training while reducing costs for the company. Mr. Bardin also implemented a variety of security measures, including role-based access control, identity management, as well as a proactive and integrated incident response system.

Excellence in the Field of Public Policy

Deborah Platt Majoras, Chairman, U.S. Federal Trade Commission

Chairman Majoras was awarded for her role as a key driver in the FTC’s battle against identity theft and her ongoing efforts to educate and protect consumers. Since 2004, she has played an active role in spearheading the FTC’s outreach to businesses, consumers and law enforcement to combat identity theft crimes. In May 2006, President Bush named Majoras co-chair of the nation’s Identity Theft Task Force, along with U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Excellence in the Field of Public Policy

State Senator Joe Simitian, California State Senate

Senator Simitian was recognized for introducing the Senate Bill 1386 – requiring Californians to be immediately notified, when confidential information about them has been compromised due to a breach on any computer system that stores such information. The purpose was to enable citizens to take immediate steps to protect their identity. The bill went into effect July 2003 and since its enactment, several more states have followed suit with similar provisions. Additionally, the Federal government is considering a similar breach notification law.

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