RSA 2007: Voltage Security Network managed offering released

Voltage Security introduced the Voltage Security Network, a compelling new software-as-a-service solution. The VSN revolutionizes email security by breaking the barriers to wide-spread adoption of email encryption through the introduction of a proven, easy-to-use solution for the millions of non-technical email users. This service offering addresses an imperative need for individuals and small businesses to protect sensitive communications without extensive training or costs.

The VSN solves serious barriers to email security and enables a revolution in simplicity, usability and low cost of ownership. For example:

· Instead of forcing employees, partners and customers to learn how to set-up and use complex secure email encryption products from other vendors, or to create a separate location for secure messages, the VSN is immediately usable by anyone within their existing email environments— and there’s no requirement to download, learn, manage or administer.

· Instead of forcing users to join static, self-contained communities, the VSN enables dynamic, interconnected business networks to be created on-the-fly as well as easy peer-to-peer secure communications.

· Instead of forcing users to create lookup directories, and store keys and credentials, the VSN eliminates these burdens and generates keys dynamically and automatically as-needed.

· Instead of forcing users to embrace pre-registration of recipients, the VSN provides automatic provisioning on-demand.

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