eSoft launches Desktop Anti-Virus/Spyware Suite

eSoft announced the availability of its Desktop Anti-Virus/Spyware Suite, which allows administrators to manage PC security across the entire organization through a single management console.

eSoft’s Desktop Anti-Virus/Spyware Suite protects against dynamic modern- day threats that target desktops, laptops and the server-based infrastructure, as well as internal threats delivered by CD, USB and other mobile devices. Administrators can set their own policy controls and stay informed with custom security reports and alerts logged in the central management console.

The central management console of the Desktop Suite offers secure centralized installation so IT administrators can easily deploy and manage security across the entire organization. Administrators can define groups, apply security policies, run scans and report on computers across the network. The central server automatically checks for software and signature updates and sends updates out to all managed computers.

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