Network security sales approach $5 billion in 2006

According to a recently published report by Synergy Research Group, the worldwide Network Security market increased six percent sequentially and grew ten percent in 2006 compared to 2005.

Synergy Research Group segments the total Network Security market to include Hybrid Security Solutions (Firewall/VPN), Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS), and SSL VPNs. In addition, SRG segments the Hybrid market into Low-End, High-End, and Next Generation Appliances, and Software Solutions.

Hybrid Solution sales increased six percent sequentially and grew eight percent year-over-year. Furthermore, IDS/IPS sales increased two percent for the quarter and climbed 13 percent over 2005 sales; meanwhile, SSL VPN sales increased 11 percent in the quarter and jumped 41 percent year-over-year.

“2006 was indeed a record year in terms of Network Security sales. Nearly all segments grew by double digits compared to 2005,” said Aaron Vance, Senior Analyst at Synergy Research Group. “Going forward, Synergy remains positive about the growth potential for virtually all Hybrid segments, the growth of IPS driven by the transition away from IDS, and the continued deployment of SSL VPNs for secure network and application access.”

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