Trend Micro updates its Gateway Messaging Security solution

Trend Micro Incorporated announced the latest versions of its messaging security products, InterScan Messaging Security Suite and InterScan Messaging Security Appliance, and also a new hosted service for enterprise customers, InterScan Messaging Hosted Security. InterScan Messaging Security solutions are integral to the Trend Micro Enterprise protection strategy, providing organisations comprehensive gateway email security.

Trend Micro InterScan Messaging Security solutions integrate anti-spam and anti-phishing with antivirus and anti-spyware. Innovative techniques include two patent-pending technologies, customer-specific reputation services and image spam detection, to help keep customers safe as threats evolve. Additionally, predictive techniques such as zero-day protection, advanced heuristics, and behaviour analysis block targeted attacks. This comprehensive email protection also provides flexible content filtering to help enforce compliance and to prevent data leakage. With a highly scalable platform and centralised management for easy administration, the solution blocks standalone, blended-threat, and targeted attacks at the gateway.

Unlike other vendor solutions, Trend Micro InterScan Messaging Security solutions include three distinct anti-spam techniques integrated into one solution. The first two techniques, Network Reputation Services and IP Profiler, stop most threats at the connection layer before they even reach the gateway, securing the network and preserving bandwidth, storage, and other resources. The anti-spam composite engine catches any remaining threats before they reach the inbox.

Network Reputation Services provides the initial line of defence by blocking emails from known spam sources. Network Reputation Services verifies IP addresses of incoming email against the world’s largest reputation database and applies a dynamic reputation service to identify new spam and phishing sources, including zombies and botnets as they first emerge. IP Profiler is the second spam technique and prevents more threats from entering the network with customer-specific reputation services and a firewall to block directory harvest attacks and bounced mail attacks. The robust composite engine provides the final level of protection, filtering spam and phishing emails at the gateway through a combination of anti-spam technologies, including image spam detection. The anti-spam engine also applies embedded URL reputation to block emails with links to malicious Websites.

Offering consistent protection across the different appliance, software, and hosted service form-factors, Trend Micro InterScan Messaging Security solutions are designed to provide enterprise-level gateway email security that allows organisations to pick a solution based on their infrastructure requirements, without sacrificing either level of protection or implementation flexibility.

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