New Windows Vista-compatible beta version of AdminSecure

The new version of AdminSecure, Panda Software’s network security management console, is fully compatible with Windows Vista. The product allows administrators to set a personal profile for each console user, determining what they can modify and in which components.  Open console sessions can also be monitored, with information on the user and the computer they are accessing from.
The beta version of AdminSecure also offers faster creation of new, improved executive reports using the data provided by the Preventive Protection Strategy.  This is an interface that summarizes the security situation in a company in any given moment. Administrators will also be able to schedule sending these reports via email without having to access the console every time.

Another new feature includes the possibility of establishing rules for each administration server. In this way, systems that meet certain rules will automatically be associated with the corresponding server. These rules can be established by domain or by IP range.
Another major advance in this beta version is the epidemic control feature. When there are a considerable number of infections, the corresponding notifications must be sent to the server. This can saturate the server and affect the service to the console. To avoid this, the new version has a mechanism which prevents overloads from affecting the console’s performance. Events are now stored on the client computer and sent to the administrator as summaries.
This new version also includes update distribution improvements. Since it allows the integration of the AdminSecure repository with IIS server, local distribution is allowed, therefore improving the performance of the distribution server

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