Information security dominates new product offerings at FOSE 2007

Of the 550 technology exhibitors at FOSE 2007, the largest gathering of government information and technology professionals, over 200 companies will showcase products and solutions designed to improve information security. Over 15,000 federal high tech buyers will attend FOSE 2007, March 20-22 at the Washington, DC Convention Center to learn about the latest innovations designed to protect information ranging from highly classified national intelligence, to corporate documents and personal data. Registration for FOSE 2007 is free for military, government, government contractors and educators at or by calling 1-800-791-FOSE.

“Sensitive information that needs to be safeguarded is everywhere. It’s on our computers, traveling through networks, and even in our fingerprints,” said Bill Howell, vice president and General Manager of FOSE. “The need for products that guard our information is critical to us — not only as a nation shielding our freedoms, but as individuals protecting our identities. FOSE will feature companies that can monitor, protect, destroy, and recover information — from an individual’s social security number to classified military documents — and introduce them to the buyers who are in need of these vital technologies.”

Also on the security forefront at FOSE is the Secure Fortress Theater. Located in booth 355, the Secure Fortress Theater will feature interactive discussions about critical homeland, cyber security, identity management, privacy, and information assurance solutions. Ten different theater presentations will feature topics ranging from a guide to the mandates of the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 (FISMA) and how your company can best comply with them, to new breakthroughs in homeland and border security, safer travel, and biometrics.

Now in its 31st year, FOSE 2007 will take place on Tuesday – Thursday, March 20 – 22 at the Washington DC Convention Center. Registration is free for military, government, government contractors and educators, with valid ID, and $50 for business and industry.

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