Upgraded full-disk encryption solution for Microsoft Windows

WinMagic announced the release of SecureDoc v.4.3. This version incorporates an improved user-friendly Graphical User Interface to make it simple for administrators to manage all communications between SecureDoc clients and the SecureDoc Enterprise Server in real-time. Increased functionality includes a new log system to provide administrators with enhanced system feedback, and a quarantine system to expedite the trouble shooting of communication problems.

SecureDoc v4.3 provides improved Removable Media Encryption (RME) functionality, which can be easily enabled from a Windows Explorer browser. Regardless of whether an endpoint device is running SecureDoc full-disk encryption software or not, USB thumb drives can now be easily read with WinMagic’s DiskViewer – a free download utility from the www.winmagic.com. This functionality makes it easy for SecureDoc users to not only encrypt removable media, but also transport the USB thumb drive for use on other computers without the purchase of additional licenses – provided the user authenticates to the USB device.

Compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003, and all editions of Vista, SecureDoc v4.3 enables organizations to protect any existing investment in encryption technology by making it simple to continue utilizing WinMagic’s full-disk encryption when upgrading the operating system. Looking forward at ever pervasive computer design and components, SecureDoc v4.3 expands its support for the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to include support for TPM v1.2. Building on the popularity of the TPM chip, SecureDoc assists in adding an extra layer of security in seamlessly supporting the authentication of the disk drive to the computer.

The vast array of tokens supported by SecureDoc v4.3 include the Department of Defense’s Common Access Card (CAC), Oberthur CosmopollC Card, ActivIdentity V3 Support, 02Micro USB Reader that comes built in with Dell Latitude 620 and 820, Omnikey ExpressCard 4321 reader, Thales TVPN-08, added support for the onscreen keyboard of the Motion Computing LE1600, IBM JCOP41 card with Fingerprint recognition, Fujitsu STYLISTIC 5000 Series, and NTT reader.

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