Web application security product suite integrated with HP Quality Center platform

S.P.I. Dynamics Inc., the leading provider of web application security testing software, announced the integration of its entire security testing product suite with HP’s (formerly Mercury) Quality Center(TM) platform, creating the industry’s first application security center of excellence that is tightly integrated with the industry’s leading automated software testing and defect management platform. As a result of this integration companies for the first time are able to conduct application security testing as an integrated and non-disruptive part of their existing software development processes while utilizing Quality Center to become the system of record for managing functional, performance and security defects.

This integration allows for all members of the typical software development lifecycle – development, QA, security and operations personnel, using any of the SPI Dynamics’ products, to conduct application security testing and seamlessly track and remediate the application security defects discovered within the Quality Center platform. Before this integration, the process for discovering application security defects and then tracking and repairing those defects in an automated fashion was absent – it required disparate systems and separate processes.

“Unifying application security testing with defect tracking and remediation to create one seamless process is a major step forward to enabling application security testing as a baked-in discipline in the software development lifecycle,” said Erik Peterson, vice president product management for SPI Dynamics. “Leading organizations that are taking a lifecycle approach to software security testing recognize that application security defects are best addressed like any other software defect, as a function within the SDLC. SPI Dynamics understands that the key to successfully addressing security defects is through broad integration with the leading software testing and defect management processes and platforms. We have worked closely for over four years with the Quality Center team to deliver integrated products that simplify security testing and unify the test and remediation functions.”

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