Break 40-bit Adobe PDF encryption in minutes

ElcomSoft released an Enterprise version of its award-winning Advanced PDF Password Recovery software. This program makes it easy to remove both password encryption and usage restrictions from Adobe Acrobat PDF files. APDFPR Enterprise now comes with support of all Adobe Acrobat versions (up to 8.0), including those that use AES encryption, and super-fast guaranteed recovery of PDF files with 40-bit encryption using state-of-the-art “time-memory trade-off” technology.
With the increasing popularity of PDF formatted file, comes an increasing number of problems which occur when authors forget the passwords to their source documents. ElcomSoft has revised version 3.0 of all three editions of its Advanced PDF Password Recovery software (Enterprise, Professional, and Standard) to allow the seemingly impossible recovery of passwords for these documents. This software package handles both owner and user passwords used to protect PDF documents. The latest addition to ElcomSoft’s family of password recovery software allows business managers to recover lost and destroyed passwords. It also helps in dealing with employees who, intentionally or unintentionally, are unable to edit and print password-protected PDF files.
APDFPR is also a state-of-the-art computer forensics tool that could be used by law enforcement, military and intelligence agencies to open secure documents. PDF documents protected with access restriction passwords can be decrypted instantly, allowing full access to the document. For documents with “user” passwords (that could not be opened without that password), the program blazes through brute-force password attempts at a rate of a few hundred thousand passwords per second!
The code has been effectively optimized for most CPUs such as Pentium II/III, Pentium 4, Intel Core/Core 2 (Duo) and Athlon. More sophisticated methods are available, such as applying all words from a dictionary. ElcomSoft’s website has dictionaries for more than 20 different languages, from English to Swahili.
Even if the above methods fail because the password is too long and complex, the program runs a special key search attack which gives a 100% success rate on files with 40-bit encryption (used in all Adobe Acrobat 4 files, and most files from more recent versions). This may take some time to run, but is well worth the time if your document is very important. If you have a dual processor system, APDFPR takes advantage of it to double the performance of this software.
On modern systems with Intel Core Duo CPUs, the document can be recovered in maximum 3-4 days, regardless of the password length and complexity. And in APDFPR Enterprise, ElcomSoft has introduced a new “rainbow attack” subsystem — it is shipped with a DVD that contains special pre-computed hash tables that will allow you to decrypt most (an estimated 99.6 percent) PDF files in just minutes instead of days, even on slow computers.
Advanced PDF Password Recovery Enterprise costs $999(US) for a single-user license and includes express delivery worldwide. Professional and Standard versions, with reduced feature sets, are available at affordable prices. The program runs under Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista.

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