First EAL4 evaluation to Swedish Common Criteria Scheme

atsec information security AB is performing an EAL4+ evaluation of Tutus Data AB F?¤rist VPN and Firewall for certification by the Swedish Certification Body for IT Security (CSEC). atsec is one of only two Common Criteria evaluation labs provisionally certified to perform evaluations under the newly-established Swedish Common Criteria scheme. The current project marks the first evaluation effort to CSEC at evaluation assurance level 4 (EAL4) or higher.

Tutus is an established provider of trusted network security solutions, and supplies IT security solutions for the Swedish Defense. F?¤rist VPN and Firewall is a VPN-gateway based on IPSEC standards and a pure proxy firewall that filters and logs traffic on the application protocol layer. The VPN-gateway is nationally approved to protect information at the EU-Restricted level. The firewall model is very secure since the networks are completely separated at the IP-level; that is, all IP packets are handled by a proxy and completely new packets are sent out on the other side of the firewall.

Tutus was the first Swedish company to earn a Common Criteria certification, achieving certification of the F?¤rist Firewall 2.0.2-CRELEASE at EAL3 in October 2002. The evaluation lab for that successful certification effort was atsec information security GmbH, the German company in the atsec family of IT security consulting and evaluation companies. The certification was done by BSI, the Germany certification body. In addition, atsec has performed several non-scheme assessments of Tutus F?¤rist products.

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