Secure mobile information management technology platform

CellTrust Corporation announced the introduction of its new Secure Mobile Information Management platform that will give businesses and consumers the ability to use cell phones for a host of commerce and informational transactions not previously available.

Based on mobile Internet-connectivity protocols, CellTrust’s Secure Mobile Information Management platform will allow for the advanced and secure transmission and management of a consumer’s personal data between their cell phone, the CellTrust portal, and their respective personal data providers. This new patent-pending technology platform comprises several core components, including:

” CellTrust’s Micro Agent Technology (MAT) that resides on the cell phone permits the highly secure transfer of personal and commercial data;
” CellTrust Advanced Mobile Services, for secure two-way communication between the consumer’s cell phone and the CellTrust website —;
” Requisite mobile security standards such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) that allow data encryption between the CellTrust portal ( and the cell phone; optional password protection; and VeriSign mobile security certification;
” An open architecture for mobile carriers and developers that allows for next-generation, advanced application development ranging from business productivity tools, IT security, vulnerability and patch management, to secure payment and purchasing;
” Location-based Services capability for existing and future GPS services that will be integrated into CellTrust products.

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