Internet security product bundled with USRobotics modems

McAfee, Inc. and USRobotics joined forces to offer enhanced security to in the U.S. and Canada. USRobotics will include a free, 60-day trial of McAfee Internet Security Suite with every modem it ships in North America, enabling consumers to better protect themselves against the multitude of threats on the Internet.

McAfee Internet Security Suite includes the only safe search and surf technology in the market through McAfee SiteAdvisor. It tests and rates, on an ongoing basis, nearly every trafficked site on the Internet for a wide variety of Web safety issues, providing advance warning of dangerous and risky Web sites. As a result, it helps consumers to thwart malicious downloads, prevent identity theft through phishing attacks, as well as avoid online scams.

“This partnership between McAfee and USRobotics ensures that consumers will have the most comprehensive security package available with their modems,” said Todd Gebhart, senior vice president, Consumer and Mobile Business, McAfee. “At a time when there are more dangers in cyberspace than ever before, and users are more dependent on technology than ever before, it’s critical that consumers can get the level of protection they need very easily, and that’s why we’re proud to join USRobotics in this initiative.”

“Educating our modem users about the growing risks involved with Internet surfing and online communication is a constant challenge,” says Frank Sugino, senior product manager, USRobotics. “Therefore, we are making it easier for them to stay protected by providing them with a hands-on trial of the McAfee Internet Security Suite. The hands-on experience will help them understand the importance of using a security tool that protects them against the inherent Internet threats they are faced with.”

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