Easy way to software developers to create secure update patches for their products

Indigo Rose Software announces the immediate availability of Visual Patch Express. Visual Patch Express features the same DeltaMAX binary difference compression found in Indigo Rose’s full Visual Patch product, but with a streamlined interface. This makes it a fast and easy way for software developers and IT departments to create compact and secure update patches for their software products. In fact, it’s designed to make the creation of point-to-point version patches as easy as possible.

There’s no scripting or programming involved – just a few wizard questions to answer. Select the folders containing your old version and your new release and click “build.” Visual Patch Express will then inspect both versions to determine which files have changed and find the exact byte-level differences between them. The result is a compact and secure patch executable that works in any version of Windows from 95 to Vista.

The role of Visual Patch Express in the software deployment cycle is to get already-installed software up to date with current bug fixes and feature enhancements.

Visual Patch Express is available for $195 (US) per developer.

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