CoreStreet chosen by US DoD for enterprise-wide credential validation deployment

The US Department of Defense (DoD) announced that it has selected the CoreStreet Validation Authority for enterprise-wide deployment. Together with other recent acquisitions of CoreStreet products, the DoD will now be able to validate the legitimacy of all 3.5 million service members and contractors, using the DoD Public Key Infrastructure, a scale that would have been impossible with other technologies. Such applications include smart card logon, digitally signed email, and access to secure web portals.

As part of the selection, the DoD has deployed CoreStreet Validation Authorities and dozens of CoreStreet VA Responders at major DoD IT nodes around the globe in an effort to greatly expand their Robust Certificate Validation System (RCVS). The selection also gives the DoD access to CoreStreet’s exclusive MiniCRL technology, which enables certificate validation to occur in extremely low-bandwidth environments.

In January 2006, the US Joint Task Force-Global Network Operations (JTF-GNO) set a schedule for DoD-wide compliance with Communications Tasking Order (CTO) 06-02, which mandates that all services use their Common Access Cards for smart card logon, email signing, and web server authentication. The deadline was originally set for year-end completion, but in the face of growing threats, was accelerated to July 31, 2006. With CoreStreet and its distributed validation architecture, the DoD is completely prepared to support any and all PKI applications anywhere in the world, as they come online to meet the tasking order.

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