New Arbor Peakflow X 3.7 integrates threat analysis network data

Arbor Networks announced a new version of its enterprise solution, Arbor Peakflow X 3.7, that includes new functionality designed to improve time to resolution for enterprise network, security and operations staff.

Peakflow X 3.7 includes integration of data gathered by Arbor’s Active Threat Level Analysis System (ATLAS), the world’s first globally scoped threat analysis network, dramatically reducing the manual collection and analysis of new vulnerabilities, exploits, botnets and malware. Peakflow X 3.7 also includes an extended audit trail for compliance reporting, enhanced Flow support for IPFIX, a web services Application Programming Interface (API) that allows users to perform data queries and to integrate Peakflow X data with existing internal systems or customer portals, and finally, enhancements to the User Interface that result in more intuitive, efficient workflow.

Peakflow X is used for three main purposes: internal network security, network-wide traffic visibility and compliance. Peakflow X constructs a system-wide view of the entire network, auto-learning host behaviors to determine who talks to whom, and how. In real-time, Arbor Peakflow X compares traffic against these baselines to perform network behavior analysis (NBA), an innovative management technique used to identify developing security threats that do not yet have signatures – and therefore may easily slip by other devices such as intrusion prevention systems and firewalls – including virulent “zero day” attacks.

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