Free online safe deposit box now with a two-factor authentication service a Web-based personal information security company that offers consumers an Online Safe Deposit Box for storing their most vital, personal documents and information, today announced the availability of two-factor authentication for its users via MyPW. users will have the ability to access the site utilizing MyPW’s two-factor authentication service. The MyPW system uses a keychain-sized device that generates a random numerical code. When signing into, users would enter not only their regular site password. They would also enter the code shown on their keychain MyPW device.’s launch of MyPW’s two-factor authentication follows the company’s recent launch of Secure File Transfer – a free service which enables consumers to easily send and receive sensitive files protected with one of the strongest encryption technologies available.

The first 100 people to sign up for’s large Online Safe Deposit Box receives a free token valued at $34.00 courtesy of and MyPW that can be used at thousands of sites around the Internet who are participating in the OpenID project.

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