JSCAPE Secure FTP Server version 3.0 released

JSCAPE announced the release of JSCAPE Secure FTP Server Version 3.0. The platform independent managed file transfer solution now supports all file transfer protocols including FTP/S, HTTP/S, SMTP, POP, IMAP, PGP and the newly added SFTP/SSH protocol.

Electronic file transfer is increasingly becoming the method of choice to exchange data with trading partners. Unfortunately, there are several file transfer protocols in use today and few companies are able to agree on a common protocol. The result is a complex web of interconnected servers and ad-hoc processes. Typically these processes cannot be centrally managed or easily monitored leaving companies unaware of what data is leaving their organization.

This serious problem has become a highly publicized public nightmare for companies who have had intellectual property and sensitive consumer information such as credit cards, social security numbers and banking information stolen. In some cases due to the lack of process visibility these incidents have gone undiscovered for several months.

JSCAPE Secure FTP Server effectively solves these problems by offering a platform independent server that can centrally manage file transfers made using virtually any file transfer protocol. In addition to simplifying file transfers and providing process visibility, JSCAPE Secure FTP Server also includes enterprise security, auditing and reporting features that assist companies in meeting Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA file transfer requirements.

JSCAPE Secure FTP Server pricing starts at $2,999.00 for the Professional Edition and $5,999.00 for the Enterprise Edition. Installers are available for Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X platforms.

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