BrightCloud web filtering software development kit available

BrightCloud announced the availability of the BrightCloud Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK enables OEMs to integrate web filtering across the Internet’s Long Tail into their security solutions, enhancing their value proposition to their end customers with a comprehensive and necessary security layer not available from any other web filtering vendor.

The BrightCloud SDK defines the interface for interacting with the BrightCloud hosted services, as well as providing a series of reference clients. Each reference client includes the source code for a BrightCloud Agent which, when integrated with a third party security solution, queries the BrightCloud Master Database for the categories of a website. Covering well over 40 million active websites and several billion web pages, the BrightCloud Master Database is quickly growing to extend web filtering value propositions across the Long Tail of the Internet – that is, not only the 20 million most popular websites, which capture 50% of an enterprise’s web visits, but the 430 million less popular sites across which the remaining 50% of visits are distributed.

The BrightCloud SDK provides source code for reference clients encompassing a series of operating systems, including Red Hat Linux, Microsoft Windows Server, and Microsoft Windows XP. Additionally, upon request, source code for specific firewall reference clients is available including Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server, and Squid. Other integrations, such as support for Checkpoint NGX, are in the pipeline.

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