pdf-Recover Professional 4.0 removes the security settings of PDF documents

PDF documents have a permanent password protection, which prevents modifications of documents or the removal of text. This can be very counterproductive, when additions or updates are to be carried out and the author does not remember the document password. There is no way to access the contents without the correct password – the entire document has to be reconstructed or text contents must be copied manually. pdf-Recover Professional is avoiding this restriction, as it removes the password and the set restrictions at the touch of a button. Thus the PDF becomes unrestrictedly utilisable again.

A free test version is available for download. pdf-Recover Professional is compatible with Win 9x and later Windows versions, Mac OSX and Linux and costs USD 49.

In the latest version 4.0 of pdf-Recover Professional, one single click does not only remove the main password, but at the same time also all restrictions in the document, no matter if it is encrypted by 40 bit RC4, 128 bit RC4 or 128 bit AES of the latest Adobe 8 generation. As a result, a 1:1 copy of the PDF source document without any security settings is produced. All set restrictions are removed automatically by pdf-Recover Professional.

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