New authentication technology debuts at Web 2.0 Expo

Vidoop unveiled a revolutionary secure login authentication technology at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco. Vidoop Secure promises to change the face of Internet security with a new secure login solution that eliminates passwords, adding a layer of security that is more secure yet intuitive for users to understand, without requiring additional hardware. Vidoop was one of only 6 companies invited to unveil promising new technologies at the Expo.

Vidoop Secure is a unique login technology that provides robust security for web, network and email access, and is effective against prevalent forms of hacking. The technology offers consumers the convenience of a single sign-on solution for frequently visited websites, combined with a new level of security that gives users the ability to participate in securing their online experience. The technology distinguishes itself by incorporating a human cognitive element into the login sequence that defeats automated hacking.

How Vidoop Secure Works

Without requiring any additional hardware, the Vidoop login system provides the user with a method of receiving a one-time access code at the last moment, just in time for login.

The innovative system draws the user’s eye to the secret based on a personal selection made during the enrollment process. Instead of a password, each user chooses from a number of “categories,” like “airplanes,” “cars” or “keys.” At time of login, Vidoop displays an array of images including an airplane, a car, or a key, and several other unrelated images. Without knowledge of the secret, the display appears completely random to other observers.

The user spots the secret categories known only to him and notices a series of digits that act as the one-time access code. Since other observers do not know the user’s categories, they do not know which of the displayed access codes to use as the key. Only the user can interpret the one-time access code from the display.

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