Top 10 Threats in March

During the month of March, Trojan Downloader Zlob was the most commonly found Trojan worldwide. This Trojan often silently downloads and installs bogus security programs such as SpywareQuake, SpyFalcon, SpyLocked and WinAntivirusPro, but may install other malware as well. Some variants of Trojan Downloader Zlob have backdoor functionality, giving an attacker the ability to remotely control and use the infected machine for malicious purposes.

Trojan Downloader Matcash is usually disguised as a harmless software program and is generally distributed as an e-mail attachment. Opening the attachment may cause an auto-installation process that loads the Trojan onto your computer without your knowledge or consent. Once installed, Matcash may download and install adware, spyware or other malware from multiple servers or sources on the internet.

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