Free online portable storage device scanner

GFI Software announced the release of EndPointScan, an industry-first, free online service that allows you to check what devices are or have been connected to computers on your network and by whom. Using this diagnostic tool, you can identify those areas where the use of portable storage devices could pose a risk to the integrity of the company’s systems and data.

EndPointScan carries out granular checks across all types of ports – USB, Firewire, Bluetooth, Infrared, PCMIA and Wi-Fi – on all machines. This utility provides complete and thorough information about all portable devices and can scan multiple computers simultaneously. GFI EndPointScan is fully compatible with existing network management or administrative tools such as Active Directory and it will also work on Vista systems.

“To use EndPointScan all that administrators need to do is install the ActiveX control when prompted and run the scan. There is very low resources consumption and endpoint audits have a negligible effect on network performance,” Mr Muscat said.

EndPointScan is completely free and can be run from here: .

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