New technology to stop all malware attacks

Robot Genius introduced new behavior-based security products, effective against all types of malware attacks. They created web crawler technology that is the first fully automated process for locating and testing for all types of malware, including spyware, adware, rootkits and other malicious programs on the web. Additionally, the Robot Genius security client can reverse any malware infection with greater than 99 percent success rate, protecting users and the network against malware attacks, managing containment, and speeding remediation.
Robot Genius’ suite includes three products:

1) web-crawler data, which features a comprehensive ‘blacklist’ of all URLs containing malware on the Internet
2) a lightweight browser plug-in-enhancement that works in tandem with the crawler data
3) an anti-malware desktop security client that renders the ability to guard against zero-day malware attacks. These components work together to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive prevention, detection, and remediation against malicious threats.
Product portfolio includes:

RGcrawler Data

Robot Genius’ multi-point solutions were created from unique behavior-based anti-malware technology with the goal of detecting and preventing attacks.
RGcrawler locates all Windows executable programs on the web (including active X or cab files, applets and zip files) and downloads them to local multi-terabyte storage. Tests are performed on the programs to determine if they are malware, and results are stored in an XML database that includes all registry changes, DLL injections, browser exploits, and the exact URL of the executables. RGcrawler data looks at certain characteristics, such as the uninstaller within an executable, to determine whether or not that executable is a threat.


Working in tandem with the RGcrawler data, RGguard is a lightweight browser plug-in enhancement that helps prevent malware infections by proactively warning individuals of danger while they browse the web. RGguard marks up search results links with color-coded safety indicators to alert users of potential threats.


To address remediation, Robot Genius developed a unique behavior-based client, Spyberus, which tracks all installed files on a system and detects malware. The product monitors all programs installed by tracking file and kernel activity and writes to the hard drive. Sypberus can reverse any malware infection at a greater than 99 percent success rate. If malware invades a user’s PC, the “Take Control” feature can be used to stop all malware-hijacked processes so that the system can be brought under user control and a proper program removal performed.

Sypberus creates a program activity history database by storing all URLs from which software was downloaded, enabling the tracing back of malware to its original web site, and all subsequent file and system activity. As a result, when a questionable or malicious program needs uninstalling, the Spyberus client can locate and ensure that every file and registry entry is purged completely.

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