Nsauditor Network Security Auditor 1.5.10 released

Nsasoft announced today the release of Nsauditor Network Security Auditor 1.5.10, the latest version of its award-winning software for network auditing and monitoring, an excellent integrated solution for auditing all types of computer assets in the corporate networks.

Nsauditor significantly reduces the total cost of network management in enterprise environments by enabling IT personnel to audit and monitor network computers for possible vulnerabilities. It is a Windows based multi-purpose software designed to monitor network sessions, scan networks and hosts for vulnerabilities, and to provide security alerts. The software monitors active internet connections and allows to stop internet threats, terminate and block unwanted network connections with incrusted firewall system.

With Nsauditor Network Administrators are able to gather a wide range of information from all the computers in the network without installing server-side applications on these computers and create a report of potential problems that were found. It is a complete utilities package that includes more than 45 network tools and gives you the possibility to get information about operating systems, service packs, hotfixes, installed software and running processes on remote PCs.

The tools are wide-ranging, from a basic port scanner to more complex MS RPC named pipes and SunRPC service scanners, and a set of related utilities and reporting options. Nsauditor includes scanning tools that examine Microsoft SQL servers for exposed services and vulnerabilities, and SNMP auditor which discovers and walks through available SNMP nodes on the network. The software includes event monitor that examines the local Windows logs and triggers when a specific event ID is detected. The trigger can send email to an admin, send a Windows network message, play a sound file or even speak a custom message with a text-to-speech tool.

Nsauditor “Adware Scanner” tool scans network computers for common Adware traces and gives you a quick look at the Adware, malware and spyware installed on network computers.It allows to monitor and kill processes on local or network computers using “Network Process Monitor” tool and remotely shutdown or restart workstations using “Remote Shutdown” tool.

Nsauditor “Network Hotfix Scanner” is a advanced hotfix check utility that scans network computers for missing hotfixes and patches, and helps you download and install them. Network Hotfix Scanner gives you a quick look at the hotfixes and patches installed or missed on any remote computer in your corporate network, it tells you by colored icons specific security bulletin rating ( critical, important, moderate ), title, description and bulletin URL.

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