A solution that combines one time password, digital identification and secure data storage

Gemalto North America’s Protiva Secure Digital Companion (SDC) is a USB flash memory device that is the first solution on the market to combine one time password (OTP), secure storage and digital certificate credentials in one device, increasing efficiency, convenience and security for users. SDC is aimed at enterprises whose employees require secure remote access from any location and need to protect their portable data. Gemalto’s latest innovation further extends its Protiva™ strong authentication platform, an end-to-end solution that includes an authentication server, client software and a family of interoperable digital security devices.

“Secure Digital Companion is an ‘all-in-one’ solution that can replace the need to carry several different devices today,” said Francois Lasnier, vice president and general manager, security, for Gemalto North America. “You can use the OTP capability to securely log in to information systems from your home or on the road, sign and encrypt documents using the onboard certificates, and encrypt and protect information you need carry with you. The device can also support mutual authentication with PKI certificates, enabling a smooth transition from OTP to PKI as the environment dictates.”

When used with the Protiva system, SDC can provide OTP strong authentication based on a standard developed by the Open Authentication Initiative (OATH). Protiva SDC also can be used with Citrix Access Suiteâ„? for strong authentication and secure VPN access, and is compatible with Windows® 2000, Windows Serverâ„? 2003 and Windows XP.

Data encryption is set up and operates automatically on the SDC. The encrypted data is protected by a user defined Personal Identification Number (PIN), making it very easy to use, minimizing IT support and reducing total cost of ownership for enterprises.

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