New solution ensures safety of backed-up and archived data

Teradata announced that it has expanded its partnership with Protegrity Corporation to offer Defiance BAR (backup, archive, and recovery) Encryption, a new software solution that protects backed-up and archived data. Defiance BAR Encryption protects sensitive financial, health care, insurance and other consumer data, as well as intellectual property information and business data, making the encrypted records virtually impenetrable to unauthorized access by those who do not have Defiance BAR Encryption-enabled access to them.

Protegrity’s Defiance BAR Encryption software has been integrated with the Teradata Warehouse BAR solutions. The combination of the Teradata Warehouse, Teradata BAR solutions, Teradata data security best practices and the Protegrity Defiance BAR Encryption software provides a solution that is comprehensive, fast, safe, and easy to use. The solution enables businesses to meet the security concerns of their consumers, and helps them comply with state and federal security regulations.

Users may select from among several robust encryption ciphers when protecting their backed-up data. In addition, the software has centralized “encryption key” management, which prevents the compromise of the entire data encoding process. To thwart access to the encryption key, it is protected by a multilayer security architecture. Additional hardware is not required to deploy Defiance BAR Encryption.

The Defiance BAR Encryption solution transparently supports the current backup, archive, and recovery scenarios, and offers ease-of-use for system administrators. Its proven high-speed performance and tight integration with existing Teradata BAR products make Defiance BAR Encryption an ideal solution for encrypting archived data and system backups of Teradata database environ¬ments. It is currently available for cus¬tomer installation.

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