Subsonic Scanning Engine – new content inspection engine for anti-virus and anti-spam malware scanning

Wedge Networks, a leading provider of industrial-strength network security solutions, announced today the debut of its “Subsonic Scanning Engine”, a pioneering company innovation that performs reliable Network Based Content Inspection (NBCI) at rates far greater than existing NBCI alternatives.  The Subsonic engine, already shipping in the company’s BeSecure network security appliance, delivers a quantum-leap improvement in anti-spam and anti-virus scanning performance for enterprise and service provider networks.
The Subsonic engine, a patent-pending innovation, improves the efficiency of any given NBCI scanning session by correlating present analysis with the results of previous sessions.  This ability to quickly recognize suspect content in real-time greatly diminishes the need for repeated deep analysis.  In particular, the Subsonic engine mitigates the impact of transitory, high-volume content uploads and downloads, e.g., when a new release of popular software, digital images, videos or other compressed content debuts, by eliminating the inspection “choking point”.
In addition to improving efficiency, the Subsonic scanning engine improves the stability of NBCI systems by minimizing the risk of system resource exhaustion when subjected to a burst of large payloads, or from being “live-locked” by a few large content inspection tasks.  Furthermore it improves the cost effectiveness of NBCI by allowing the optimization knowledge gained by one NBCI node to be shared with other nodes.

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