Array Networks launches Site-to-Site SSL VPN for extranets

Array Networks announced the availability of SiteDirect, the newest edition of its first site-to-site SSL VPN that targets enterprises and service providers requiring extranet connectivity. Array’s SiteDirect was recently named Best of Interop 2007 Finalist for Security.

Array’s SiteDirect provides new advanced Resource PublishingTM features, including static IP addresses and the ability to publish a target resource by name instead of IP address. These new features enable companies that need to provide network access to third parties such as partners, affiliates and customers with a highly secure, quickly deployable access solution as a replacement to traditional IPSec VPNs.

Array’s SiteDirect is the first SSL VPN in the market to deliver the advantages of a resource-specific access policy to limit control by guest users after they are admitted to the network. Its new Resource Publishing feature now hides the internal network information (IP addresses, topology, etc.) of the publishing network from the remote network or users. This allows administrators to maintain greater security by providing third party access only to a portion of the network or specified applications.

SiteDirect also enables the provisioning site administrator to assign static IP addresses to the resources received from the publishing site. This provides the ability to have a stable setup, where a particular resource is always assigned the same IP address. Because the resource has a fixed address, the administrator can then configure resource specific policies and be assured that they will be maintained. Now, network administrators no longer need to worry that they might have an outdated address cached, which would prevent access to the published resource if its address changed.

Array’s SiteDirect solution can be implemented in different types of network architecture such as hub and spoke, full mesh, point to point and can be deployed in conjunction with SSL VPN remote access. With the addition of SiteDirect’s new features for extranets, branches and partner locations can be quickly and securely brought under the same umbrella, making it easier and cost-effective to administer and manage.

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